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Bibles for Nigerians in their own dialect!

|   Prayer Answers

I'd like to share a great victory in the Lord with you.  We were asked to purchase Bibles for new believers, and honest seekers in Nigeria.  After many roadblocks and hurdles, Praise God, the Bibles in their dialect are in their hands!  The key, I believe, to getting this done, was a Sunday morning when all of the church family sincerely agreed together in prayer, asking the Lord to open a door for them to receive His Word.  And we also agreed as we rebuked the enemy, who endeavors to steal the Word that would be implanted in people's hearts, or to prevent them from even getting the Word at all!  Thank the Lord, the very next day, we were able to complete the transaction, and the Bibles were delivered!  Hallelujah!

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