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Missionaries to Kosova - Steve & Lisa Frey

Come and hear what the Lord is doing in Kosova! Fellowship Dinner after the service. Bring a dish or two to pass and enjoy time with each other and our missionaries!

Steve & Lisa Frey and their family will be with us on Sunday, October 20, 10 a.m. for our morning service.  The Lord is doing some wonderthings in their city, enabled in part by your prayers and financial support.  A Fellowship Dinner will follow the morning service.  Please bring a dish or two to pass.

Here is current information about the Frey's:

Steve & Lisa Frey have been ministering in Kosovo since 2004. In 2014 we relocated within Kosovo and started church planting in Mitrovica, an unreached muslim city of 90,000. We began to renovate a building that has been owned by the Assemblies of God since 2000 and is the only building recognized as a church in Mitrovica. As God gave us vision for the ministry there, the building was named the “Hope Center.” A guest house was added on the third floor that accommodates missions teams up to 25 people. The second floor has a large meeting room and community kitchen where we provide training seminars and host events to encourage the believers. The first floor is currently a garage but we have a vision that it will become an outreach center to connect with and serve our local community. We are confident that many more people will be touched with Christ’s love when the Hope Center is finished.


Kosovo is a small nation and is bordered by Albania and Macedonia and Serbia. After 10 years of Milosevic’s rule, the Albanians wanted their freedom which resulted in a civil war. Almost a million Albanians were forced from their homes as the Serbians burned their way across Kosovo, hence coining the term ethnic cleansing. Today Kosovo has declared independence, but the government is unstable. Ninety-five percent of the population is Albanian and almost all the Albanians are Muslim. Our ministry is focused on raising up disciples for Jesus, that would be empowered to reach their own people.

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